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Podiatry related products
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Industrial control applications

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Industrial Applications
" PARAMASTER " Micro Controller
" PARAMASTER " Micro Controller : At a price unbelievable low with built in Timer functions, various combinations of controllers like Proportional, Differential, Integral, Two set points relative set points, Auto tuning etc. for various Transducers and control elements.
" PARAMASTER " Controller
" PARAMASTER " Controller : It is a computer aided design. It is master controller for Parameters. Its plug-in. It has order selectable optional cards for input, outputs and processing. So one can select the inputs from J,K,R,S,T Thermocouples or mV, mA, Pres sure, Flow, Temperature Transmitters or various RTD's. Out puts can be single or double relay, 4~20 mA, or control signal for static relay. Motorized valve control in open or close loop control. With built in power supply for Transmitter inputs. It can have single or two set points. Control action can be P. PI. PD. PID. or anticipatory with large variation of PID values. Novel variations like Calibration short points, Quick response Temperature indica tor are also available
" PARAMASTER " Economy Model " PARAMASTER " Economy Model : An economical model for J & K T/Cs & PT100 RTD's for on off & proportional control only
Micro Processor
Micro Processor Based 8 inch high 4 Digit Display : It accepts 4~20 mA TTY input and displays it. Visible from 50 to 100 Feet.
Watt Meter
Watt Meter for Three Phase Motor : Measures the wattage of three phase supply and Indicates and controls. Used for quickly tripping of machine tools while cutting job with hard points like Castings to prevent Tool damage
24 Point Thermocouple Scanner : Single unit. Terminal box separate panel, wall mounted. Scanner panel mounted with flat cable connection.
Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter
Double Punch Preventer for Pneumatic Presses : Protects the punching dies from dam age if the punched component doesn't get ejected
Component Counter / Sorter for Pneumatic Presses
Variable Speed Drive Controller : Suitable for fuel pump test jig for Turbojet Engine at 8000 RPM and 300 Horse Power Motor. Encoder input and 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA O/P with two wire Tacho input and Protections
Averaging Indicator : For RTD display individual and average
Synchronized EM Indexer for MS Components : Picks and places components for opera- -tion station. Eliminates the need for rotary indexing turrets
Hand Held Temperature Indicator
Various Test Jigs & Simulators for Various Test Systems : Like Motor Controllers, Open Loop Controllers, Response checking and testing of instruments
PANEL MOUNTED AND TABLE TOP STRIP CHART RECORDER : 10" width, 1 mV span, 1 Meg I/P impedance and 1 second response time
Conductivity Bridge for Recorders
Open Loop Controller & Interface for the same
DC Drive : Single phase single board. Low Power
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